Tools for Human Capital Management Alignment

Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and/or Placement
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Anthony Milanowski
Herb Heneman

Human capital management systems (HCMS) are likely to be more effective in helping schools and districts attract, develop, motivate, and retain effective educators when they work together to support the competencies educators need to realize the vision of instructional improvement.  However, it may be difficult to know where to begin to assess how well aligned human capital management practices are. This brief presents tools that three Teacher Incentive Fund grantees used to help partner districts and schools examine their human capital management systems and assess the alignment of these systems. Featured are tools from the North East Florida Education Consortium, the Partnership for Innovation in Compensation for Charter Schools, and the Maricopa County Educational Service Agency. These tools, and the other resources cited, should help districts and schools begin the process of examining their own HCMS.  

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Milanowski, A., & Heneman III, H. (2017). Tools for human capital management alignment: Examples from three TIF grantees. Retrieved from
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img: Tools for Human Capital Management Alignment: Examples from Three TIF Grantees