Dimensions of Dosage: Evaluation Brief for TIF Grantees

Program Evaluation
Year of Publication: 
Jessica Bailey
Karen Shakman
Dana Ansel
Sara Greller

This brief provides TIF grantees with an overview of dosage and the importance of carefully measuring dosage when determining the outcomes of an intervention. Dosage refers to the quantity or amount of an intervention, such as the number of hours teachers spend with a teacher leader, and can be an important element of program implementation, often influencing the intervention's impact. While dosage is not a specific research method, understanding and accurately measuring dosage can be an important step toward providing evidence that the activities the TIF grant funded have an impact. The brief provides an overview of the dimensions of dosage (frequency, duration, and intensity), the data necessary to study dosage, key considerations for TIF grantees interested in examining dosage of an intervention, and a spotlight on TIF Grantee New York City Public Schools' investigation of dosage.

Report or White Paper
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Bailey, J., Shakman, K., Ansel, D., & Greller, S. (2016) Dimensions of dosage: Evaluation brief for TIF grantees. Retrieved from http://www.tifcommunity.org